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Time waits for no man. If you are still sceptical about Virtual Events, fear no more. It is the ideal opportunity for you to begin organizing your 2020 business strategies! Out of the few patterns that would be well known in the coming year, virtual events are as of now are becoming the latest trend in 2020.

Virtual events are events hosted digitally on an online platform that is enhanced by creative technology. They connect organisers (in this case brands and corporates) with participants in virtual space which not only makes them progressively open for everyone but provides a one-of-a-kind immersive event experience. They additionally bring down the expense of arranging an occasion while upgrading the range and boosting the return on investment (ROI) adequately with digital solutions.

On the off chance that you haven’t sorted out a virtual event before, then you have landed on this page correctly! Here is a list of innovative, extraordinary and events that can be conducted online but you never knew of! With our team of experts leading anything is possible!

  1. Awards Recognition / Annual Dinner

Amongst the many events that can be conducted, this definitely can be shocking but guess what, nothing is impossible with us! With our unique channelling of interactive images and graphics, this would end up being the most renowned award function or annual dinner. Be as creative as you want to be and be as grand as it can be, all at the expenses of integrating creative technologies such as hologram and augmented reality.

And if you ever wonder if you will be eating virtual food, the answer is NO! Like any awards or dinner function, guests will get to pre-select what kind of food they want to enjoy and have them delivered to their address! We can also

ship out your event door gifts right o them to complete the entire virtual event experience!

  1. Fashion Show

Yes. You read that right! Fashion Show, Ramp Walks, Modelling is highly possible and is one of the most unique virtual event. The fashion show is shot live in a green screen studio and stream live to a high-security online platform. Unlike your usual onground fashion show, the online counterpart offers many features that is exquisite to an online platform which include state-of the art holographic effect on the clothes itself. You can even choose the type and size of the model (closest to yours) and put on the designer’s virtual clothes on them to get an idea on how it looks on you!  Connect with the designer and their team directly if they would like to proceed with a purchase. Missed the fashion show? Fortunately going virtual would means the event will be timeless and you get to re-watch it as many times as you wanted to!

  1. Exhibition & Trade Show

Your company can have your tailor fit, impressive, presentation corner exhibiting with the companies mixed media components including:

–  E-brochures, posters, videos

–  Branding booths with custom template

–  Enable to upload logo, banner, leaflet

–  Company details

Attendees will be able to click the respective exhibition booth and they will be directed to and equipped with all the relevant information that they need to know. Our exclusive Virtual Lobby Branding feature is truly one in a million! We give our event attendees the maximum valuable experience like an augmented reality showroom. There will also be a live chat tool available to aid our attendees to connect directly with us. Live Chat format comes in 3 formats: You can either type, make an audio Call or also Video Call. Additionally, daily appointment slots can be made with exhibitors.

  1. Conferences /AGM / Symposium

As we know an AGM, Symposium or Seminar usually can take up to 1000 pax. Due to the general wellbeing concern that is impossible now. It’s a higher priority than at any other time to have the option to hold online gathering and video conference instead.

A Virtual Conference is consistently workforce amicable and simple to join in, offers the network feel of an on location gathering, and spotlights on educating and learning points that are drawing in to all.

Virtual Conferences will never have a dull moment with with gamification ; where organisers can conduct series of fun interactive activities to keep audiences glued to their seats at home. To increase the interaction with the visitors, lucky draw sessions can be conducted in the auditorium as well. Attendees get the chance to participate in live polling and Q&A session when attending to the live streaming event.

Want to rake it up a notch higher? Then add on virtual reality and holographic features in your online presentation to make it even more interesting! And if you would like to showcase a product during the conference, your audiences can even be engaged through a 360 Virtual Gallery.

RSVP can be made via our designated registration platform. Registrants report will be updated on a daily basis as well. We also accept payments via credit and debit cards with PCI compliant secure payment processor. Protected accesses will be available only for your event’s registered attendees, where each registered attendee will receive a passcode after the verification process.

  1. Product Launching

Many brands have been quickly adjusting by presenting their new items and assortments online. Intended to catch consideration, these advanced activities change with some joining a progressively interactive strategy as well.

You can also utilize your virtual launch as answers for enlighten your guests and customers about your new item through highlights like 3D Exhibitions with 360 Virtual Reality presentations, launch videos, panel discussions, and interact with partners via discussion spaces with our platform! By tracking attendee data, we will be able to track attendees of our event with a by tracking the duration of each viewer, how long did they spend on the event and their participation level.

  1. Virtual Performances

What is a Virtual Performance? In fact, a virtual performance is any presentation/address/introduction where the presenter is absent at your area. This could be a concert, talent show, online performing arts, or any occasion that is regularly done face to face. During this Covid-19, many international artists live streamed their concert online and everyone was able to view their concerts from the comfort of their homes watching their favourite artist or band performing.

Similar to the fashion show, it will be live streamed directly. The best part about this Virtual Performance is that, there surely will be more exposure to the public. Aside from that, attendees will get to purchase tickets and merchandise online on the platform instead of contacting the concert organiser like always. We give our attendees the privilege and easy accessibility.

Best of all Virtual Performances are highly integrated with Hologram and Augmented Reality technology, providing a one of a kind experiences to fans from all around the world!

Pushing ahead with Digital Platforms is our fundamental core interest. Go virtual, Go Global with Milestone Production as we are walking into Digital Transformation with a new perspective. From setting up the online event to integrating creative technologies, sending e-invites, emails, Whatsapps and reminders, managing RSVPs to tracking real-time payments. To put it plainly, we organize EVERYTHING for you as Virtual Event Organizers!

An experiential event, m.i.c.e and virtual event curator providing an all in one package that is needed for your Virtual Events! Wait no more. Contact us today and grow your brand today effectively!

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Written by: Priangka Elizabeth

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