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Things to Look Out for in 2023!

1. Experience First Event

After two years of lockdown and a rise in virtual events, it is expected to be a huge demand from attendees for real & memorable experiences. Event planners will need to make use of immersive, experiential events, pop-ups, engaging launch gambit, Metaverse events, and utilizing social media to its fullest potential.

This in return will offer exhibitors a good ROI and bigger business opportunities.

2. Sustainability-conscious events

Recently, we can see a shift in which attendees are becoming more eco-conscious and there is a demand for making events more sustainable. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) inspired events are becoming prominent in terms of conserving resources, using energy-saving equipment, choosing a venue that is easily accessible by public transportation, reducing food waste and eco-friendly materials.

Taking a holistic approach to sustainability can result in environmentally friendly and financially successful events.

3. In-Person Events Are Back On Top

As we have seen an increase in physical events, it is predicted that the numbers will rise higher in 2023. People are eager to interact, collaborate, and network as we are social beings by nature, thrive on social interactions, and struggle with detachment.

Business and personal relationships are built on communication and trust. It is possible to build virtually, but it is much faster to build face-to-face. A virtual environment can stifle personal growth, whereas face-to-face interactions can be encouraging and flourishing.

4. Adoption of Technology in Events

While the use of technology in events is becoming more common, marketers and event organizers will continue to increase their spending of event tech – both common tech and virtual event technology to support not just hybrid events, but in-person events as well.

Some examples of event tech include event registration tool, event ticketing, AR and VR, and data capture tool.

5. Live Music

Music events are of different types which include concerts, live music, music fests, and operas. The growing music artist popularity has increased the demand for music events and usually attract huge crowds. Last year, concerts and music festivals mostly dominated the event scenes and acquired the most revenue.

With the SOPs loosen up, more live events are expected to take place in 2023. The young generation which has a passion for music and the rise in the companies that provide sponsorship also contributes to the growth of the demand for this industry.

Event trends are always changing and you definitely do not want to miss the train

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