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Top 5 Virtual Events Ideas to Inspire Your Upcoming Events

At this point of writing, I am very sure that most people have experienced a virtual event, whether by attending or by organizing. As we progress further in the world of virtual events, one might come to wonder what else one can do to attract, retain and increase attendees’ participation. Here’s top 5 virtual events ideas to inspire your upcoming events.

  1. Out Of The World Design

When it comes to impressing your guests in a virtual event, design is king. Let your imagination runs wild in creating the most creative and engaging designs for your virtual events from 3D staging to interactive stage and content designs, there are endless possibilities when it comes to virtual events.

2. 3600 Tour

Want to experience navigating around a virtual event as if you are there in person? Power-up your virtual event with the 360 tour! Highly recommended for virtual exhibitions, virtual conference and virtual property launch; the 360 tour feature allows you to move around and engage with brands, products and services more effectively, virtually!

3. Hybrid Activities

Get creative and dynamic with hybrid activities by combining both online and on-ground interactions! Organised a Hybrid Treasure Hunt in your next Hybrid Team Building Event to make it more engaging and with a twist in digital technology. In-corporate customisable gaming apps with actual on-ground fun!

4. Use Gamification to Keep Your Audience Interested

Get creative with gamification! Perfect for virtual ice breaking session, gamification such as playing challenging racing games, virtual drawings etc. will draw audience’s attention and helps to increase and retain audience participation! Use gamification to track your virtual event’s effectiveness in real-time!

5. Watch Anytime & Anywhere And All Over Again!

Living in a different time zone? Can’t make it on time for the virtual event? Don’t worry! Just hit REPLAY if you missed a session.


The sky is limitless when it comes to virtual events. With the advancement of technology, you can bring your next virtual event to even greater heights by engaging with different yet fun virtual contents. 

If you ran out of ideas in organising your virtual event, then speak to our dedicated Virtual Event Specialists to get all the help that you need. 

Embrace the new norm of virtual events. Go virtual. Go global.

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